We offer two types of courses: open and custom-made.

You can find a full list of our tailor-made courses on the right. These are private coaching sessions customised for your organisation. If you are interested in a quote, please contact us.

In addition, we offer courses in Brussels which are open to anyone. This autumn we scheduled ten training sessions, which are more affordable than custom-made ones.

How To Write Clearly

Learn the ABCs of good writing: accuracy, brevity, clarity

October 5

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Effective Public Speaking

Master the art of speaking clearly and confidently in front of an audience

October 10

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Mastering Media Interviews

Insider tips on how to cope with tough questions from journalists on camera

October 19

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Social Media Campaigning

Discover how you can use social media to affect change

October 25

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Crafting Messages

Learn how to create clear, simple and relevant messages that stick

November 14

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Perfecting Press Releases

Learn to write snappy, newsworthy and attention-grabbing press releases

November 16

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Shooting and editing videos

Learn the basics of shooting, editing and uploading video in two days

November 22-23

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Presentation skills

How to deliver a presentation that makes a lasting impression

November 29

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Mastering social media

A quick start guide to using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

December 5

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Working with Journalists

What makes reporters tick and how to work with them to get better coverage

December 12

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