Social Media Campaigning

Social Media Campaigning

Learn how to use social media to influence policy-making

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have become vital tools for doing business and public affairs. But do you know how to make the most of these platforms to influence policy-makers and contribute to the debate?


By the end of the workshop you will be able to identify where discussions important to you and your organisation are taking place online, develop a social media campaign strategy and understand the pros and cons of using different platforms to drive your message home.



  • How social media can help your organisation meet its goals in the policy-making environment
  • Social media success stories (and failures) to learn from
  • Finding and reaching your audience online
  • Creating appropriate content on the right channels at the right time
  • Analysing and improving your online campaign tactics
  • Growing your numbers of followers and fans
  • Engaging your audience and getting them to take action


This course can be done online or in person.


What our participants say

"Absolutely awesome! It’s so rare to be able to speak freely and learn about social media at this level. It answered so many old questions that it blew me away."Jason Bickley, Senior Web Manager, European Wind Energy Association
"Best day I have spent training! Jon was clear, accessible, extremely knowledgeable and approachable."Nikki Johnston, Senior Communications Officer, EEA + Norway Grants
"The training was very well organised and insightful. Jon definitely knows what he is doing and gave concrete advice. He was very engaging, knowledgeable and fun! Would highly recommend."Asdis Olafsdottir, Press and Information, EFTA Surveillance Authority
"Excellent overall impression. Comprehensive, detailed information, very well orientated towards our organisation’s needs. Very professional. Jon is a very good communicator and is passionate about what he teaches."Philippe Alfonso, European Transport Workers Federation


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