Perfecting Press Releases

Perfecting Press Releases

Learn to write snappy, newsworthy and attention-grabbing press releases

Press releases are essential to any media relations strategy. Yet journalists complain they often contain no news, are stuffed with incomprehensible jargon, have unquotable quotes and are little more than disguised advertising. It doesn’t have to be like this. A well-written press release can be the key to securing positive coverage for your organisation. So how do you make sure your press releases shine?


This course will teach you how to write press releases that get read, picked up and acted on by media outlets. You’ll learn why some press releases work and others go straight to spam, what the key ingredients of a sparkling press release are and how to write in a style that grabs the attention of journalists, not sends them to sleep.


  • What makes news?
  • Exercise: Play the role of an editor & decide what’s news and not
  • Mastering the peg
  • Writing snappy, punchy headlines
  • Exercise: Crafting killer quotes
  • PR etiquette: When and how to send press releases
  • Exercise: Analyse good, bad and ugly press releases
  • Exercise: Write a sparkling press release



If you’re interested in writing clearly or for the web, check out our other course listings. Additionally, we can write press releases for you, contact us for a quote.

This course can be done online or in person.


What our participants say

"Well organised, concise and straight to the point for a one-day seminar. Thanks for your good advice."Stephanie Wouters, European Trade Union Confederation
"Very good – targeted, clear and very useful. It met my expectations perfectly."Asdis Olafsdottir, Press and Information, EFTA Surveillance Authority
"Great extensive training in so little time, I’m taking away a lot of useful tips and tricks." Anna van Oeveren, Wilfred Martens Centre for European Studies


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