How to write clearly

How to write clearly

Learn the ABCs of good writing: accuracy, brevity, clarity, simplicity

Writing clearly is the key to communicating clearly. It’s not easy – especially if English isn’t your mother tongue. But we believe nothing is too complex to write clearly about if you follow our tried and tested tips.


This course is for those who have to write at work but aren’t professional writers, for those whose writing is too turgid and technocratic and for those who struggle to find the right word, phrase or tone. Through interactive exercises and personal feedback we’ll help you write more clearly, accurately and succinctly – whether it’s for social media, emails, articles, newsletters or speeches. We can’t promise to make you a great writer, but we can certainly make you a better one.



Day one – Writing basics

  • Preparing your writing: being clear about messages, audiences and what makes news.
  • Structuring your writing: catchy headlines, punchy leads, clear context, quotable quotes.
  • ABCs of clear writing: accuracy, brevity, clarity, simplicity.
  • Practical exercises on tightening texts, using short words, varying vocabulary.
  • Language to use and not to use, with an exercise on translating jargon.
  • How to write different texts, such as articles, op-eds, position papers, interviews, speeches, press releases, tweets, blogs and more.

Day two (optional) – Writing clinic

One-on-one feedback: Line-by-line analysis of participants’ writing samples and suggestions for improving them. 30-60 minutes per person, depending on numbers.


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This course can be done online or in person.


What our participants say

"Great way to make me think how I could communicate better. The course provided me with more than I anticipated. I will take away a lot from the training."Gareth Lewis, Amcham EU
"Very clear, useful and enjoyable. Good examples to illustrate points. The course was engaging and got us talking! "Becky Smith, Business Europe
"Useful and practical. A lot of useful tips which will definitely come in handy when writing at work. We discussed very practical issues."Emma La Ferla, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
"A light in a dark room. Very interactive, reassuring in some sense. The trainer was provocative in a way that makes you smile and get it."Anna Ferracuti, UNCDF


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