Presentation skills

Presentation skills

How to deliver a presentation with a lasting impression

Where do you start when you have to deliver a presentation? Will you use PowerPoint or another type of visual aid? How can you make sure your audience is actually paying attention? What will make them remember your message?



Content is king and clarity is power, so stop killing people with boring PowerPoints stuffed with cheesy corporate photos. Instead learn how to grab your audience’s attention and keep it by making efficient and inspiring presentations. Our presentation skills training is lively and interactive with ample time for you to practice newly acquired skills.



  • Significance – give meaning to your presentation (+ exercise)
  • Structure – making sure your presentation has a logical flow (+ exercise)
  • Simplicity – turning complex ideas into simple messages
  • Rehearsal – preparing thoroughly for the big moment
  • Public speaking – managing nerves and finding the right body language
  • Audience attention – grabbing it and keeping it (+ speaking exercise)
  • Content – how to use less text and more visuals
  • Design tips – how to make your presentation visually attractive


Elizabeth Van Den Bergh is an independent communication consultant and trainer with both public and private clients. She has over 7 years’ experience in strategically planning and executing EU communication and events. Awarded Competent Communicator at Toastmasters, she is also a trained public speaker.

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What our participants say

"Elizabeth’s session was lively, practical with plenty of great illustrations and insightful ideas. We’ll definitely continue working with her."Lucyna Gutman-Grauer, Training Consultant, Interel
"Quite filled with information, many occasions for voicing out my personal fears on public speaking, but I was very free and encouraged to do so. It went above and beyond my expectations." Anna van Oeveren, Wilfred Martens Centre


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