We organise private, customised media and communication training anywhere in the world, both in-person and virtually. Below you will find our full course offering – designed to help you write, speak and communicate clearly and effectively. If you are interested in a quote, please contact us. And if you don’t find the exact course you’re looking for, we can create one.


Writing Skills

How to Write Clearly

Learn the ABCs of good writing: accuracy, brevity, clarity

Writing for the Web

How to write website copy that’s easy to read, find and share

Perfecting Press Releases

Learn to write snappy, newsworthy and attention-grabbing press releases

Writing Punchy Op-eds

How to write short, sharp opinion pieces that persuade 

Writing Memorable Speeches

Learn to write speeches that engage, enlighten and entertain your audience


media training

Working with Journalists

What makes reporters tick and how to work with them to get more and better coverage

Mastering Media Interviews

How to craft your message clearly and be confident in front of the camera

Influencing EU Media

How to build stronger relationships with Brussels reporters

How To Shine On Camera 

Learn to tell your story more clearly and confidently in front of the camera


communication skills

Drafting a Communication Plan

How to craft powerful messages and create a strategy to communicate them

Effective Public Speaking

How to speak clearly & confidently before an audience

Crafting Messages 

How to write crisp and sparkling content

Presentation Skills

How to deliver a presentation with a lasting impression

Powerful Storytelling

How to harness the power of stories to captivate your audience, drive home your message and boost your business

Successful Webinars

How to prepare, host and market your webinars


social media

Mastering Social Media

Going beyond basics to make the most of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn professionally

Social Media Campaigning

Influencing the policy-making environment successfully through social media

Facebook for Business

Captivating your audience and driving engagement on the world’s biggest social media platform

Twitter for Professionals

Rise above the noise and make your voice heard in under 280 characters

Leveraging LinkedIn

Employ all the tools LinkedIn has to offer to boost your organisation’s profile

Instagram for Pros

Unlock your organisation’s potential on the largest visual social media platform


video skills

Shooting & Editing Video

Learn the basics of shooting & editing video in two days

Filming & Editing with a Smartphone

Hands-on training on how to make professional videos with your mobile


In addition, we offer:


Journalism training

Learn to write, film and interview like a journalist. We can also train you to be a better front-of-camera presenter. And we can give reporters tips and tricks on how to report the EU better.

Team building

Bond with colleagues while learning and having fun – whether doing improvisation, telling your ‘hero’s journey’ story or having a virtual reality experience.