Writing memorable speeches

Writing memorable speeches

Learn to write speeches that engage, enlighten and entertain your audience

What makes one speech memorable and another utterly forgettable? Delivery plays a part – check out our course on public speaking for more tips on that – but content is crucial too. Almost all great speeches in history were written – and written following a handful of tried and tested rules that you can learn.


During this course we will teach you the secrets of writing speeches that tell stories, connect with your audience and make your point clearly, simply and powerfully. You’ll learn how to prepare, structure and write speeches that are personal, colourful and conversational.



  • Preparing your speech: who are you writing for? What kind of speech is it? What’s the aim?
  • Focusing your speech: what’s the subject and central argument?
  • Structuring your speech: set out the problem, suggest a solution, inspire action.
  • Exercise: prepare the outline of a speech.
  • How to grab your audience’s attention – and keep it.
  • How to connect: make it personal, keep it conversational, tell a story.
  • Five rhetorical devices that will add spice to your speech: contrast, colour, repetition, rule of three, questions.
  • Keeping it short and simple: axing jargon, cutting words, speaking conversationally.
  • Exercise: write a short speech and get feedback.


We also offer custom-made courses on how to write clearly, how to write press releases, op-eds, and writing for the web. And if you need written content or our editing services, contact us for a quote.

This course can be done online or in person.

What our participants say

"Having experienced trainers telling you how you can get a bit more personal, even poetic, really helped me a lot. It gave me the confidence to try something new."Annalisa Buscaini, Open Society European Policy Institute
"Working with Clear Europe, we created and delivered a guide for our leaders on how to tell a compelling story, how to write it and how to deliver it. In addition, for a number of our Global Management Team, including the Group CEO, we worked directly with Clear Europe to shape their speeches. It was a great success. The support we received was tailored to our requirements, always offering a constructive way to improve and the Clear Europe team always demonstrated understanding needed to work with a large corporation and their most senior leaders."Jonathan Heywood, Leadership Development & Group Academy, Generali


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