Drafting a communication plan

Drafting a communication plan

How to craft powerful messages and create a strategy to communicate them

How do you start to communicate? Would you directly try to set up an interview with the Financial Times? But, what if your business objective is to increase the sales of a new facial cream? Sometimes a piece of news is really important to your company – a new product for example. But is this also news for the press? If so, for what type of media? And how will you sell your story?



This course will teach you the basic building blocks of communicating clearly, succinctly and successfully. By the end of the day you should know what your key messages are, who you are trying to communicate them to and have a clear communication plan for your organization.



  • Why communicate? What is your public relations goal?
  • ‘Know your enemy’ – how to make a situation analysis
  • Know what you want to say – crafting messages
  • Exercise: what’s your elevator pitch?
  • Know who you’re saying it to – who is your target audience?
  • Exercise: Creating your communication plan
  • Know how to say it – what tools and techniques are you going to use to make your point?
  • How to measure success in communications


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This course can be done online or in person.



staff-isabelleAfter studying art history, Isabelle Leonard worked at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Her native Brussels called her back to work in a large communication agency where she specialised in crisis communication. In 2006 she received an award for best crisis management agency of the year in Europe. She then created her own company and now coaches executives and politicians in media training and communication.



Jo Sullivan thumbnailJo Sullivan is a campaign strategist, advising on advocacy and engagement, as well as a proficient trainer and writer. Jo has helped many organisations including CAN, ECF, FERN, FOEE, HEAL, OXFAM, UNHCR to identify key messages, straplines and slogans. Jo has written dozens of strategic plans, communication strategies, campaign strategies, brochures, annual reports, press releases, opinion editorials, speeches and storyboards, and edits publications for NGO clients.


What our participants say

"Very helpful course. Good and practical examples. Great trainer too – a good listener who provided valuable feedback."Daniela McFarren, Fire Safe Europe


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