Crafting Messages

Crafting Messages

Learn the art of messaging. How do you frame and craft punchy messages for different audiences?

Make your advocacy and communications more effective and more efficient by starting with first things first – key messages. Rolling out expensive campaigns, commissioning new research or writing another annual report, without first framing, crafting and testing key messages, is a costly mistake. Your whole team needs to understand, embrace and integrate your key messages in all advocacy, campaign and communications. Every briefing paper, speech and video should live and breathe your key messages. So what are they?



Developing relevant, simple and credible messages is an art. The message development process is a critical preparatory phase for any organisation facing new challenges, whether they relate to policy context, strategy review or leadership change. This training helps teams work through a process of message development that results in clear, confident and consistent communication on the issues that matter to you.



  • Messaging audit – message SWOT
  • Why does messaging matter?
  • Messaging principles I
  • Exercise – identifying the killer message
  • Messaging principles II
  • Exercise – identifying who, what, why – the 3 sub-messages
  • Messaging principles III
  • Exercise – giving messages punch, personality and proof
  • Who are your audiences?
  • Exercise – message – audience matrix
  • Channels and multipliers
  • Exercise – – message – audience – channel matrix
  • Messaging checklist
  • Exercise – articulating your call to action
  • Wrap up – lessons learned

This course can be done online or in person.


What our participants say


"Very valuable, I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve now a lot of information to process put into practice! Thanks!" Francesca Fabbri, European Advertising Alliance
"Very helpful in showing where we’re doing well and where we can think about improving. Loved the templates and materials." Ross Conaty, ECORYS


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