Mastering Media Interviews

Mastering Media Interviews

How to craft your message clearly and be confident in front of the camera

Terrified of doing interviews? You are not alone. Journalists can be intimidating, the questions can be awkward to answer, and the cameras, bright-lights, and studio can even be off-putting for experienced media players. So how can we make your interview a more comfortable experience?



Clear Europe’s approach is to provide you with insider tips on how journalists think and operate, how to prepare for interviews, how to answer questions clearly and succinctly and how to act when the camera starts rolling. But most importantly, we want you to learn by doing. From our experience, interview training really is a case of ‘practice makes perfect.’ So we want you in front of the camera as quickly as possible, answering real questions from real journalists – and getting instant feedback from professional cameramen. At the end of the day we are confident you will not just entertain friends and family but will see huge progress from the first to the last interview.



  • Dealing with journalists, understanding what’s news
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Interview 1 – radio interview
  • Feedback on interview 1
  • Golden rules – Keep calm, engage, be clear, succinct and quotable
  • Coping with difficult questions
  • Interview 2 – studio-style TV interview
  • Feedback on interview 2
  • TV do’s and don’ts
  • Interview 3 – doorstep-style interview
  • Feedback on interview 3



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This course can be done online or in person.


What our participants say

"The training was useful and insightful. It truly met my expectations."Pascal Baumgarten, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer - Europ Assistance
"Very useful. Well prepared and excellent trainers."Dr. Susanne Nies, Corporate Affairs Manager - ENTSO E
"The training was excellent. Very professional and based on a lot of personal experience."Torsten Müller, Senior Researcher - European Trade Union Institution
"Good communicator. He had clearly done his homework on each of the participants which was good." Ned Dalby, International Crisis Group


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