What we do

What we do


Editing is an art form. It takes precision, patience and a complete mastery of the English language to turn torturous texts into clear copy.

Armed with decades of experience as journalists, editors, copywriters and speechwriters, we are ruthless about removing jargon, hacking away at cluttered copy and cutting superfluous text. We also have eagle eyes for spotting errors – and correcting them. We have to, as our clients are some of the biggest companies in the world and even a minor mistake can lead to major losses.

Being based in Brussels we are used to working with non-native English speakers. However, this does not mean we tolerate ‘pidgin English’ based on a handful of prefabricated phrases. We want language to sparkle like a polished gem.

We edit any text – from quarterly and annual reports to voice-overs and from technocratic mumbo-jumbo to restaurant menus. Nothing is too complicated for us to handle. Feel free to challenge us.













                                       What our clients say:

" Clear Europe provides us with high quality, reliable and flexible editing services."Allianz SE, Group Accounting and Reporting

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