Writing to Persuade

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New courses on how to write speeches and op-eds

Writing with impact has never been more important, so don’t get left behind. Discover how to write sticky speeches and punchy op-eds that convince and connect.

In this masterclass we will teach you the secrets of writing speeches that tell stories, connect with your audience and make your point clearly, simply and powerfully. You’ll learn how to prepare, structure and write speeches that are personal, colourful and conversational.


“We worked directly with Clear Europe to shape our Global Management Team’s speeches. It was a great success. The support we received was tailored to our requirements, always offering a constructive way to improve.”
Jonathan Heywood, ex-Leadership Development & Group Academy, Generali


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Op-eds can be a powerful tool to shift the debate, get your message across to a large audience and establish yourself as a thought-leader. But only if you take a strong stand, keep your focus and write convincingly. This interactive workshop will give you practical tips on how to write clear, succinct and punchy op-eds that grab readers quickly and don’t let them go.


“Hats off for upgrading the team’s skills! The recent op-eds by my colleagues were great. You really brought out their talents.”
Heather Grabbe, Director, Open Society European Policy Institute


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About Ali Colwell

Ali Colwell is a trainer, copywriter and the Managing Director of Clear Europe. Her previous work includes helping finance and technology companies in Belgium and New York elevate their online branding and social media efforts.

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