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November Newsletter 2017

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There are two quotes in the tweets above and both are terrible. Why? Because they are crammed with jargon (#EuropeanSemester, #PillarOfSocialRights), obsessed with process (#EURoad2Sibiu) and full of stuffy technocratic language like ‘social dimension’ and ‘country specific recommendations’.
So how do you craft a cracking quote?
  • Use colourful, vivid language that paints a picture.
  • Voice strong opinions rather than bore people with facts, context and process.
  • Make use of rhetorical devices like contrast and repetition.
  • Cut all jargon, process and acronyms. Use clear, simple language.
You can find more tips on how to write sticky soundbites in Gareth Harding’s article here. Or sign up for his masterclass on Working with Journalists on December 12.

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Trainer profile: Meg Stringer

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Meg began her work in political communication working for then Senator Hillary Clinton in her native New York. Later, she moved to Washington D.C. where she consulted for USAID on sensitive projects promoting reproductive freedom worldwide. Since moving to Brussels, Meg has advised all the usual suspects in the EU ‘bubble’ – from think-tanks and political parties to start-ups and big business.

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