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Autumn courses offer

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This autumn we’re offering ten masterclasses on how to communicate better in our Brussels training centre. Our one-day open courses are interactive, affordably-priced and led by experienced communication pros.

                                     October 5                     How to Write Clearly
                                     October 10                  Effective Public Speaking
                                     October 19                  Mastering Media Interviews
                                     October 25                  Social Media Campaigning
                                     November 7                Perfecting Press Releases
                                     November 14             Crafting Messages
                                     November 22-23     Shooting & Editing Videos
                                     November 29             Presentation Skills
                                     December 5                Mastering Social Media
                                     December 12             Working with Journalists

Check out our new open course catalogue and take advantage of our Back to School Deal – 20% off the regular price if you book by September 20. 

If you are interested in three or more courses, we will knock 30% off the normal price. Please contact us to make multiple bookings.

Get Training in 2015!

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Along with drinking less, eating healthier and going to the gym more, why not make learning a new skill one of your New Year’s resolutions? 

Whether you’re interested in learning how to shoot and edit video, master media interviews, speak confidently in public or use social media professionally we have a smorgasbord of courses designed to teach you the practical skills you need to communicate better. Read More

Virtual Reality: First Thoughts on Online Training

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Clear Europe has just wrapped up an online training course on ‘Reporting the EU’ for young Czech journalists and students. The three-month programme was funded by the European Commission’s representation in Prague and co-organised with Transitions, a Prague-based non-profit aimed at strengthening the media in central and eastern Europe.

Despite many years of experience teaching journalism classes, this was my first foray into online training and I was nervous about its limitations – which makes the mainly positive feedback we received from participants all the more pleasing. One wrote: “That was a unique and greatly useful experience, and also very inspiring personally for me…what I received from the programme is simply priceless.” Another said she gained “valuable insight about writing and being a journalist.” Read More

Skill Up in 2014

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We are busy planning our programme of open courses for the first half of next year. We aim to have at least one, day-long paid class a month. We promise to keep prices as low as possible because we are aware many participants pay to skill up from their own pocket, rather than the company account.

In addition, we plan to offer a two-hour evening masterclass every month. These will be free, cava included!

So far we have held three courses:

Which classes would you like to see next? Please leave your suggestions below – or email us if you would like to arrange a customised coaching. You can find a full list of the courses we offer here.

Festive greetings from the Clear Europe team.



Next Course: Blogging Basics

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Almost everyone feels they should blog, but many don’t know why and few really know how.

In our next open course on December 11, well-known blogger and social media trainer Jon Worth will explain how to write successfully online and promote it via social media. During the day-long class, you will learn the main techniques of effective online writing and linking – and using photos and video to illustrate content on the web. Then Jon will walk you through how to get your blogs seen on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The training will be hands-on, not theoretical, with participants learning how to write online articles effectively using a secure WordPress blog created just for the course. Later, those articles will be automatically deluged with comments and learners will choose what to approve (or not) and how to reply (or not).

For a more detailed description of the course and the day’s programme, click here.

The cost of the day course will be €285. Cava is included, VAT is not! If you are interested in taking part, please contact us.