What we do

What we do


If you are having problems expressing yourself in English, explaining a complex idea simply or struggling to find the right word, tone or flow in your writing, we can help.

Our team of writers has decades of experience working for the most prestigious publications and broadcasters in the world. We have written speeches for high-level politicians and businessmen, brochures for international organisations, press releases and pamphlets for NGOs and film scripts for corporate and institutional clients. In short, whatever the subject and whatever the media, we are confident we can turn your ideas into clear, fluid and faultless English. Contact us if you need help writing:

  • Speeches
  • Press releases
  • Conference reports
  • Opinion or analysis pieces
  • Features/profiles
  • Brochures/pamphlets
  • Position papers
  • Quarterly/annual reports

We can also translate texts from most European languages into English and can help you produce clear copy in French, German, Dutch and other languages.


What our clients say:

"Whenever we are struggling with a text, we turn to Clear Europe for quick, clean and cogent copy."Laurent Stine, DoubleDouble
"We asked Clear Europe to write up our annual conference in journalist-style. We didn’t change a word of the report and were delighted with the end result."Ingmar de Gooijer, Communication Director, MedTech Europe

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