Powerful Storytelling

Powerful Storytelling

How to harness the power of stories to captivate your audience, drive home your message and boost your business

We are storytelling animals. There is something in all of us that just wants to know what happens next. But where does storytelling fit in the workplace, and how can we use stories to better engage with our audiences?


Whether you have to give presentations or simply need to tell the story of your business or organisation, this course will help you tell more vivid tales. You’ll learn how to paint a picture with words, use colourful not corporate language and tell personal stories that allow others to relate to what you do on an emotional level.


  • Why storytelling works in a professional environment
  • How to use stories to convey your organisation’s values
  • How to structure stories so they are engaging and relevant
  • Replacing vague corporate jargon with clear, colourful language
  • Practice telling stories and get constructive feedback on your storytelling techniques
  • Create your personal leadership story using a powerful archetypal story structure called the Hero’s Journey


Danny Scheinmann is an actor, film-director and best selling novelist. For many years he was a guest lecturer in storytelling techniques at London Metropolitan University. He has worked with many large companies like Microsoft, Experien, Kingfisher, Capco and Bekaert.

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What our participants say

"Danny is not only a wonderful storyteller, but an inspirational trainer who makes participants bring their personal or professional stories effortlessly to life. My colleagues were unanimous in saying that the tips and structure they learnt in the workshop will be ideal to incorporate into their business presentations."Lucyna Gutman-Grauer, Training Consultant, Interel

Check out Danny in action:

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