How to write clearly

How to write clearly

Learn the ABCs of good writing: accuracy, brevity, clarity

Most people think they can write, but few can. Meaningless jargon, sloppy grammar and muddy thinking are just some of the obstacles to clear writing. Why does this matter? Because bad writing acts as an obstacle to connecting with people. If you can’t clearly express yourself, you risk losing your audience.


Clear writing will help get your messages across more succinctly, more accurately and more quickly. However, this is not easy. Nobody is born with an innate ability to write and it takes study, practice and perseverance to become a good writer. But our belief is that this writing training course will make you a more confident communicator and help you avoid some of the traps many writers fall into.


  • Writing skills audit – what problems do you have writing?
  • What are your messages? Who is your audience?
  • Research before you write
  • Structuring your writing – headlines, leads, quotes, context, conclusion
  • Exercise – how to write a basic article
  • The ABCs of clear writing – accuracy, brevity, clarity
  • Writing examples – the good, the bad and the downright ugly
  • Language to use and not to use
  • Exercise – translating jargon
  • How to avoid your press releases ending up in the junk folder
  • Exercise – writing attention-grabbing press releases

Tip – We also offer custom-made courses on writing for and about the EU, writing speeches, press releases and articles, and writing for the web. And if you need written content or our editing services, contact us for a quote.


staff-garethClear Europe Managing Director Gareth Harding has written for many of the world’s top publications, including the New York Times, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. He has also written dozens of brochures, book chapters, film voice-overs, press releases and speeches and edits publications for corporate clients.



What our participants say

"Great way to make me think how I could communicate better. The course provided me with more than I anticipated. I will take away a lot from the training."Gareth Lewis, Amcham EU
"Very clear, useful and enjoyable. Good examples to illustrate points. The course was engaging and got us talking! "Becky Smith, Senior Advisor, Business Europe
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