Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Design your digital marketing plan to create fans and sell ideas, products or services

You have great content, but how do you get people to notice?

In a digital world, it’s users who choose the content they consume — where, how and when they like. Understanding how to reach the right people at the right time with the right offer can set you apart from your competitors and help your business thrive.



This course will provide a blueprint for successful digital marketing. You’ll learn how to influence and persuade your target audience by building relationships on popular digital channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, search engines, newsletters and websites.

You’ll also learn how advertising can complement content marketing to reach new audiences. And you’ll learn how to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns using KPIs.



  • Game rules for marketing in a digital world
  • The Marketing Funnel: Getting people to know, like and trust you using content marketing
  • Exercise: Which organisation or brand do you like and trust, and why?
  • Getting people inside your funnel — a look at social media, search engines and online advertising
  • Exercise: Which digital marketing tactics will work for you?
  • Moving down the funnel – creating leads through your website
  • Understanding your ideal lead magnet – determining the best methods for bringing in new (and repeat) business
  • Getting audiences to take action – bringing in business through email newsletters and other methods
  • Designing your lead nurturing sequence – how to find the right people for your offering
  • Measuring your digital marketing using key performance indicators
  • Exercise: What will you track?



If you are interested in deepening your knowledge of advertising on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, we can arrange this – get in touch.

This course can be done online or in person.