Effective Public Speaking

Effective Public Speaking

How to speak clearly and confidently in front of an audience

Whether it’s for a small circle of colleagues or several hundred complete strangers, public speaking is an unnerving challenge for many. But with practice, it is possible to become more confident and communicate more clearly so that you are at ease and your presentation stands out.


We offer tailored, hands-on help on how to achieve top form and elicit positive feedback from your presentation – whether using Powerpoint or speaking notes. Get high value insight on raising your messaging game in this most unforgiving but ultimately rewarding of public platforms. Whether it’s four people or 400, we’ll help you win the battle for hearts and minds— on your terms. Our approach is to keep the training very interactive, with a minimum of lecturing and a maximum of role-play in which we will film you making presentations and give feedback on how to improve.


• Keeping messages fresh, apt and in context
• Authority and gravitas: grabbing the audience’s attention and holding it
• Bonding with the audience: simple tricks to gain (and show) empathy
• Motivating the audience: inspirational examples, anecdotes
• Language and style do’s and don’ts – and when to break the rules
• Projecting yourself through confident voice and body language
• Dealing with nerves and/or a distracted audience

Tip – If you’re looking to improve your Presentation Skills sign up for our course on that topic as well.


John Holland is a communication consultant who advises and trains senior journalists and executives. He has lectured on media literacy in Germany and Belgium. A former correspondent for CBS News and bureau chief for CNBC Europe television, John has covered many of the leading news stories over the last 25 years and interviewed hundreds of senior executives and political leaders. See John’s full profile


Elizabeth Van Den Bergh is an independent communication consultant and trainer with both public and private clients. She has over 7 years’ experience in strategically planning and executing EU communication and events. Awarded Competent Communicator at Toastmasters, she is also a trained public speaker.

See Elizabeth’s full profile


What our participants say

"Clear Europe provided us with a highly customized and best-in-class presentation skills training. It was an invaluable experience which we would totally recommend."Audrey Scozzaro, Government Affairs Europe, Qualcomm

"It surpassed my expectations. I didn’t think I could improve in such a short time and liked how the theory was kept to a minimum and practice was the focus."Alison Graham, Bayer Cropscience

"I found it very practical and helpful. The tailor made approach made it more valuable and concrete for me as well."Alba Halilaj, Communication Progress Ltd