Drafting a Digital Strategy

Drafting a Digital Strategy

How to get your organisation noticed in the digital world

Today’s wired world creates a brand-new communication dynamic, requiring new digital skills. But building an online presence is not just about having the technical skills to put the right content on the right platforms. It’s about having the right digital strategy to meet your organisation’s communication goals. And it’s about having a concrete plan for delivering that strategy against a clear set of objectives.


Our aim is to make sure your online strategy aligns with the communication goals of your organisation. Rather than building a website and then deciding how to communicate online, we want you to develop a structured approach to digital thinking. We want you to walk away with hands-on experience of how to craft a digital strategy for your organisation. Through a series of interactive exercises, participants will and clearly define their goals and audience needs – and develop the right digital strategy and tactics to meet them. We will also look at the best ways to measure the success of your digital communication.



  • Understanding why a digital strategy matters to meet your communication goals and build reputation and trust online
  • Examples of strategic digital communications vs. non-strategic digital communication
  • Defining your digital goals, objectives, strategy and the tactics
  • Defining your audience, their needs and characteristics
  • Strategic planning workshop: developing a digital strategy from start to finish – including presentation and collective review of strategies
  • Other key success factors for digital communication, including tone of voice
  • Getting the metrics right: tools and techniques for measuring digital success



For more in-depth training on social media skills, check out our Mastering Social Media and Social Media Campaigning courses. Contact us for a quote.

This course can be done online or in person.


What our participants say

"An interesting introduction to digital strategy building. I especially enjoyed the personal feedback on our websites, HTML basics advice and SEO tips."Claire Veale, Programme & Youth Officer, European Development Days
"Paul is an expert trainer. He is well-prepared, interactive and personal."Ton Nicolai MD, EUROCAM Spokesman & Coordinator
"Very clear overview of social media world, very well structured with lots of opportunity to reflect on current practice."Rosemary Hindle, Communication Officer at European Public Health Alliance



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