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We’ve completely revamped our social media workshops, adding new ones on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and rejigging our popular courses on Mastering Social Media, Drafting a Digital Strategy and Social Media Campaigning.

Learn more about how we can help you reach your digital communication goals here.


Don’t just feed the beast – get a social media strategy! This is our digital expert Steffen Thejll-Moller’s top tip about mastering social media in an age of information overload.

A dual Danish and Italian citizen, Steffen’s decade of digital consulting experience has taught him that as well as having “clear, simple and memorable” content, organisations need to be strategic. “Communication might look great and sound great but if it’s not on strategy, it’s bad communication.”

Interested to learn more? Sign up for his workshops on Drafting a Digital Strategy, Mastering Social Media or Leveraging LinkedIn.



It’s that time of year when teams are forced to bond and budgets have to be spent. Luckily we can help kill two birds with one stone!

Contact us for more information about how to connect with colleagues while learning and having fun – whether doing improvisation, telling your ‘hero’s journey’ story or having a virtual reality experience.


The next News and Booze event for Brussels communicators is about how to rebrand your organisation.

On December 17, Hugh Pope, Director of Communications at International Crisis Group, will share the lessons he learnt during the rebranding of ICG. Book your place here.



Our social media expert Jon Worth gave a masterclass on how to use Twitter as a campaign tool to a packed house of over 100 at the EuroPCom conference in Brussels on November 8.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a space, here were his key tips:

– “It’s better to use few networks well than many networks badly.”
– Only post if you have interesting content.
– Make it personal: “Organisations don’t Tweet … people do” (Euan Semple).
– Don’t overdose on hashtags or emojis.

You can find Jon’s presentation here. And if you need coaching, sign up for one of our courses with Jon: Twitter for Professionals or Social Media Campaigning.


  • There’s a huge difference between how journalists see themselves – fair, credible, accurate, trustworthy – and how the public and sources view them (not so much!)
  • Want to achieve blogging brilliance? 1. Don’t edit while you write – it takes more time to switch between the creative (writing) and the critical (editing). 2. Don’t get caught up with pesky details – exact dates, facts or figures can wait.
  • Ever wondered how to grab readers in the opening paragraph? Jason Shen has crunched the numbers and has 13 ways to start a story with a bang.
  • Learn how to spread your story – 14 simple steps to compose a newsworthy press release.
  • This What Europe Does for Me site is a great example of digital comms from the European Parliament, showing how the EU is relevant to everyone’s life in simple language and stunning graphics.
  • We love this Christmas Iceland Foods advert, which was banned from British TV for being too political. How do you feel?


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A linguist by training, Laura gained B.A./M.A. degrees from the Universities of Bristol and Bath, followed by a specialisation in Communications from the ULB Brussels. Laura has over 6 years' experience at the European Commission and 2 years' experience in the Communications team at the Chapel for Europe.

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