Happy New-ish Year! Our January Newsletter is Here.

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Now that we’re settled back into our work routine after a relaxing holiday season, we’d like to wish everyone a sparkling and productive 2019.

We’re looking forward to another great year of working together to make the world a clearer place!


social-mediaIs Snapchat dead? Should brands focus on creating content for stories rather than for news feeds? Does it make sense for organisations to even spend money on Facebook ads anymore?

Read our new marketing and communication manager Ali Colwell’s thoughts on the major shifts facing social media this year. And get more insight into how users are changing the way they consume social media from someone young enough to use Snapchat but old enough to remember her MySpace Top 8.


January 25 was a historic day for Europe as the Greek parliament voted to end a 27-year dispute with its northern neighbour by approving the new name of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. But the social media response from EU institutions couldn’t have been more different.

On the left, clear, sticky, personal and emotional language from the European Council president. On the right, a masterclass in how to drown politics in process and convert epoch-making into deadening jargon from the European Commission.

If you’re interested in learning how to axe jargon, write clearer or use Twitter like a proget in touch. We’re always happy to help the EU communicate better at this crunch time for the European project.


In a world of tedious speeches, meaningless jargon and dull writing, how can you make your organisation’s messages shine through?

In our latest trainer video, Managing Director Gareth Harding explains why he started Clear Europe five years ago and offers his tips on how to write clearly, understand what makes news and work effectively with journalists.

Gareth will be leading a workshop on ‘how to write with impact’ – speeches, op-eds andpress releases – on March 28. For more info, contact our co-organisers at the ECPA.


  • A special thank you to Louise Day and Jacques Foul from FleishmanHillard‘s Digital, Social and Creative team for their excellent News & Booze session on social media influencers on January 28. We’d also like to thank our co-organisers, Julia Ravenscroft of Eurodad and Jo Sullivan and Chloe Mikolajczak of Conscience Consulting. Finally, a big thank you to EEB for hosting the event.
  • If you’re a fan of podcasts, check out EU Scream – a darkly humorous look at Europe’s political extremes brought to you by James Kanter and Tom Brookes. There aren’t many podcasts we know featuring a melody about participatory democracy sung to the tune of ‘Let it Go’! ⛄️
  • Are publishers prepared for the shifting media landscape? Reuters Institute recently released a report on journalism and media trends – packed with data and insights that can’t be missed.
  • It’s been a brutal few weeks for employees of digital media companies. Fortunately,media jobs threads have been popping up all over Twitter for those facing layoffs.
  • Catch our storytelling coach Danny Scheinmann on the silver screen! You can spot him in the new film Stan and Ollie.
  • “Swimming in the same future-oriented channel” is the winner of our ‘ugliest jargon of the month’ award. Send us your worst examples and we’ll feature them in our next newsletter.

About Ali Colwell

Ali Colwell is a trainer, copywriter and the Managing Director of Clear Europe. Her previous work includes helping finance and technology companies in Belgium and New York elevate their online branding and social media efforts.

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