I Can See Clearer Now

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Clear Europe is five this month. A time to celebrate. And reflect. To look back. But also forward.

I founded my company out of frustration with the quality of the information I got as a journalist. I was tired of press releases without news, quotes that were unquotable, turgid texts stuffed with jargon and dreary speeches that sent you to sleep.

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November Newsletter

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We’ve completely revamped our social media workshops, adding new ones on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and rejigging our popular courses on Mastering Social Media, Drafting a Digital Strategy and Social Media Campaigning.

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Are you ready for the social media revolution?

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We’ve completely revamped our social media courses to make them more practical and platform-focused.

In addition to new trainings on using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn professionally, we’ve rejigged our popular courses on Mastering Social Media and Drafting a Digital Strategy. And in the run-up to the European Parliament elections we’ve refashioned our Social Media Campaigning coaching to focus on politics and policymaking.

We hope to see you at one of our tailor-made courses soon.

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October Newsletter

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John has been busy putting his storytelling skills to good use in Turkey and the Balkans over the past few months. Together with our social media coach Steffen Thejll-Moller, he has led a series of trainings for the European Commission on how to tell the EU’s story better by focusing on values and emotions as well as data.

So far, John and Steffen have trained project managers in Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Turkey. Montenegro, a return journey to Ankara and a wrap-up session in Brussels are planned for later in the Autumn.

The pair have earned rave reviews from the 40+ participants at each workshop. « The trainers were very energetic, positive, open and supportive, » said one. « They worked perfectly as a duo, » said another. « The trainers are real experts in their field. » Not that we’re proud or anything!

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We’re hiring a Communication Officer

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We are looking for a Communication Officer to join our small but growing team in Brussels.

Our ideal candidate is someone who is media-savvy, super-techy, passionate about clear communication and enthusiastic about promoting an exciting young company. You will have at least three years experience working in business development, consultancy, marketing or communication and be comfortable multi-tasking in a start-up environment.

Your responsibilities

  • Organising training sessions and liaising with coaches and clients
  • Managing Clear Europe’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts
  • Writing and editing a monthly newsletter about the company’s activities
  • Creating presentations, infographics and marketing content
  • Managing and updating the website
  • Filming interviews and training sessions
  • Promoting the company at conferences, on social media and via targeted marketing campaigns
  • Responding to requests for quotes, seeking new business opportunities and partnerships, and answering calls for tender
  • Dealing with invoices and expenses

Your profile

  • Native or near native English.
  • Other languages – particularly French – a plus.
  • Strong technical skills – especially Adobe suites, social media and WordPress
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Photography/camera and photo editing skills
  • Ability to work independently in a small company
  • Excellent organisational skills and ability to work to tight deadlines
  • Passionate about media, journalism and communication

Additional skills

  • Business and marketing experience. Bookkeeping skills a plus
  • Ability to code, graphic design and video editing skills
  • Interest in politics and knowledge of EU
  • Experience organising events or running communication campaigns

Application details

This is a full-time position. The contract can either be as an employee or freelancer/independent. The salary is competitive and based on experience. The expected starting date is as soon as possible.

Please do not apply unless you have perfect English, communication/marketing experience or education and excellent digital skills. If you are studying politics, EU studies or international relations and are interested in a career in the European institutions or academia this may not be the right place for you.

Please send a CV and cover letter explaining why you want to work for Clear Europe, how you would improve our communication efforts and how you would help us grow to Gareth Harding, Managing Director:

Due to the volume of applications expected, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews. Only candidates with the right to work in Belgium will be considered. Deadline for applications: October 8.

July Newsletter

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We’re often critical of the way the EU communicates. But we are delighted to be working with the European Commission to help project managers in future member states make EU funding more visible.

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June Newsletter

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« Get the people who panic out of the room, » was Amadeu Altafaj’s blunt advice on how to handle a crisis at the latest News and Booze event for NGO communicators.

As a European Commission spokesman during the financial crisis, Amadeu knows how to keep calm and carry on communicating when things go pear-shaped. So does experienced comms consultant Jo Sullivan, who advised: “You need to be at the front of the crisis with a solution.”

Other tips on how to handle a crisis were: Make sure you have an updated crisis communication strategy, accept there is a problem and talk about the solution, and stick to your core principles when messaging.

If you missed the session, News and Booze co-founder Julia Ravenscroft has kindly summed up all the tips for you.

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How to keep calm and carry on communicating during a crisis

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We all experience a crisis or two in our lives. But what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger, right?

What happens, though, when it’s our organisation that is facing a crisis?

Suddenly, we need to work with five, ten, or maybe 1,000 colleagues to respond to an unexpected, growing disaster.  How do we, as communicators, make sure our organisations swim rather than sink?

In our latest News and Booze event for NGO communicators, speakers Amadeu Altafaj and Jo Sullivan, explained how to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ during – and beyond – a crisis.

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Five takeaways from Reuters’ digital news report

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Social media as a source of news is falling, messaging apps for news are growing, subscriptions for online news are steadily rising, general trust in the news remains relatively stable and fake news on the internet is a top priority. These are some of the key findings from this year’s Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, which was published today.

The report, which is based on a survey of more than 75,000 news consumers in 37 markets from 25 countries, found that:

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May Newsletter

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Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing in the European Parliament on May 22 was a textbook example of how not to grill a speaker or chair a debate.

After pontificating for an hour, MEPs let the Facebook boss cherrypick which questions he answered in his 20-minute response. This technique of bunching questions together encourages long-windedness from interrogators and evasiveness from speakers. It also makes for a lousy debate.

If only MEPs had read our ’10 Commandments for Conference Organisers’ first:

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