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We’re delighted to introduce a new two-day course on how to shoot and edit videos using your smartphone.

In this interactive workshop you will learn the practical skills needed to make professional videos with your mobile or tablet. And you will discover how to mix sounds, add credits and titles and upload your video to the web or social media.

The training, led by experienced journalist, cameraman and video coach Hervé Verloes, is light on theory and heavy on practice. It’s also great fun.

Check out the full two-day programme and sign up to take smarter videos with us.


Thanks to all of you who filled out our survey on what new courses you’d like us to provide in 2018. Here are a few takeaways:

  • You want us to focus on concrete, practical skills like learning how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
  • Keeping up with ever-changing social media trends is essential. You want specific workshops on using LinkedIn and Twitter professionally and in the next few months we’ll be adding these and other new social media courses.
  • In addition to media and communication training you’d like us to provide more strategic communication advice. We already run communication campaigns for clients and organise press trips. In future we will offer more advice on crafting messages, social media campaigning and video storytelling.


We don’t like being nasty to our good friends in the European Commission. But if they want to better connect with European citizens they need to up their social media game. Take this tweet above. It is stuffed with incomprehensible jargon, contains an ugly graphic that only confuses readers and makes a lame attempt at being lyrical with its Sleeping Beauty reference.

We know how hard up EU officials are. So with a genuine desire to see better communication about the European Union’s actions, we’re offering a FREE course on how to tweet to EU civil servants. If interested, just send us an email and we’ll try and arrange it.


We know nobody likes filling out feedback forms at the end of training sessions. But your suggestions are invaluable to us as we constantly strive to improve the quality of the coaching we give. Not that there’s much wrong at present, it seems.

Based on over 300 feedback forms filled in between 2015-17, we had a 93% approval rate for our trainers and 90% for our courses – which sounds suspiciously like the sort of backing North Korea presidents get!

Thanks to our great trainers for their quality coaching – and to you for filling out those damn forms! ?


We’re looking for a marketing and digital communication intern to help promote our growing company. If you know any Belgium-based university students who are passionate about communication issues and have strong digital skills, perfect English and some marketing experience, please encourage them to apply here.


March 5-9: Some great insights for anyone working in the Brussels bubble at the Five Days of Digital organised by FleishmanHillard.
March 28: The Trust Summit on fake news, digital platforms and political risks by Public Affairs Council.
April 12: Full Circle evening with A.C. Grayling to discuss what social media does to truth and the campaigns that win elections.
June 13-14: Quadriga is organising the European Communication Summit in Berlin to discuss the transformation of communications across Europe.

If you’d like to be included in this list, drop us a line.


  • must-read on public speaking for extrovert introverts who have to speak in public but quake at the prospect.
  • Here are some creative ways to answer criticisms on social media: be transparent, reply with truth and try to frame your response with respect to disagreeing views.
  • The buzz around blockchain is blurring the lines between fact and fiction. Can blockchains really fix ad fraud and increase transparency?
  • We all get cold emails and we’re all incredibly good at sniffing out boilerplate openings and forced friendliness. How to avoid ending up in junk and make your email get actually read.
  • In a world of misinformation and distrust, we need our own stories and facts.Praise is a new platform where users share and discover stories.
  • Spread the word. Even if you’re not using Snapchat, you’ll be able to access its content on other social platforms with the new Stories Everywhere.
  • Excellent article – in French – on why media relations folk should never spam journalists with non-news and pointless press releases.
  • A little bit of practice, a touch of perseverance and a lot of patience. This is the way to make your press release shine.
  • The attitude of “I am right and you are wrong” is one of the biggest obstacles holding you back from being a great communicator.

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Gareth is the Managing Director of Clear Europe and head of the Missouri School of Journalism's Brussels Programme. He is a former journalist, speechwriter and political advisor.

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