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Many people dread being in front of the camera as much as going to the dentist. The problem is it’s difficult to be professionally camera-shy when communication relies more and more on you looking and sounding good on video.

In our new hands-on course with media trainer and former TV reporter John Holland, you’ll discover how to deliver snappy soundbites, convey powerful messages and tell compelling stories on screen. Whether it’s for a corporate video, Facebook live or televised debate, we’ll help you tell your story more clearly and confidently in front of the camera.

Details Here.

Rule number one when doing TV interviews – look at the interviewer not
at the camera, or blankly into space as European Parliament President Antonio Tajani often does in this Facebook Live.Second golden rule: Communicate with conviction, speak with passion and tell stories that connect.Third: Don’t be stiff. Loosen up, keep your energy levels high and try and enjoy yourself – even if your heart is pounding like a drum.



We’re often harsh critics of how the EU institutions communicate. But when it comes to the on-screen presence of younger officials we’re huge fans. For example, check out this video of Dan Sobovitz, communication advisor to European Commission VP Maroš Šefčovič, doing a LinkedIn Live with youngsters ahead of a major climate change conference in December. It’s fun, informal and informative – as good TV should be.

Parliament’s presenters above are also lively, engaging and focused. Maybe a broadcast career beckons?



“Practice-based, interesting and useful.”
“Fun, informative, hands-on.”
“Hervé is an excellent tutor.”
Thanks for the great feedback from participants and to our video trainer Hervé Verloes for leading our first open course on how to shoot and edit with smartphones on April 23-24. If you missed it, here’s more info about our two-day course.



  • We’re always happy to encourage initiatives to end all-male panels. So if you are a female expert make sure you sign up to the Brussels Binder database. And if you’re a conference organiser find your next panel expert here.
  • We often moan about the EU’s promo videos. But this series of clips for #SyriaConf2018 was powerful, personal and emotional moving – as great storytelling should be.
  • Fear of public speaking tops the list of common phobias, ranking just above the fear of death. Take the test to see how you can improve your stage presence.
  • If AI is used to replace reporters, robots would replace entry-level jobs where reporters learn the basics of their industry before chasing more complex investigations.
  • Most newspapers are run by men. And for a long time, no one really thought that was a problem.


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A graduate in advertising from the IHECS school of communication and European affairs from ULB, Aurélie worked in the European Parliament and a child-rights organisation in London before joining Clear Europe.

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