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Trainer profile: Meg Stringer

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Meg began her work in political communication working for then Senator Hillary Clinton in her native New York. Later, she moved to Washington D.C. where she consulted for USAID on sensitive projects promoting reproductive freedom worldwide. Since moving to Brussels, Meg has advised all the usual suspects in the EU ‘bubble’ – from think-tanks and political parties to start-ups and big business.

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Before you Repost it Rethink It

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Reposting your blog on LinkedIn and Medium is a no-brainer. Which is precisely the problem – it takes no brains.

Reposting your blog post to platforms like LinkedIn and Medium expands exposure for your ideas, company or whatever else you’re trying to promote, at almost zero added cost.

This is particularly the case on LinkedIn, where the algorithm almost certainly rewards rePosts over Shares to get more content into its rotting walled garden.

So why not do it?

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