Blogging for Beginners

Blogging for Beginners

How to write online and promote it via social media

Blogging is easy, right? Wrong. Successful bloggers like our trainer Jon Worth don’t have a loyal readership base and 10,000 Twitter followers by magic. They are well-known – and respected – because they have something to say, say it well and make full use of social media to promote it.


In this course you will learn the main techniques of effective online writing and linking – and using photos and video to illustrate online content. Each participant will have access to a secure online environment during the course to practice hands-on. In the second part of the course, we will explain how to promote blogs on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The course is designed for people who are already comfortable writing in a professional context. No prior knowledge of writing online, or maintaining websites is required.


  • Setting the scene – This session will explain the different forms of online writing and explore the boundaries between classic online writing and blogs.
  • What makes good online writing? And what makes a good blog? – This session will cover text style, images and video, Creative Commons and linking strategies.
  • Writing Exercise – Learners will use the materials provided to draft an article or blog entry. This will be done on a secure WordPress blog used just for the course.
  • Feedback on the writing exercise – Initially in pairs, then drawing out learning points.
  • Dealing with comments – Facilitated discussion, followed by a practical exercise where articles written in the morning exercise will be automatically deluged with comments and learners will choose what to approve (or not) and how to reply (or not).
  • Promotion of blog entries on social media – How to get your content viewed on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

Tip – Jon also runs a course for us on how to campaign using social media.


staff-jonJon Worth has worked with EU institutions to help them improve their social media strategies, writing for the web, and policy advocacy online. He is best known for his blog – – one of the longest running blogs about EU affairs.

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What our participants say

"Your session on blogging was comprehensive, informative and with a practical, hands-on element. It was very useful and I could implement it immediately."Nick Crosby, Freelance Writer
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